About Us

Twin rabbit offer convenience privat flat with reasonable price.
I used to work at travel company, so I know well about what travelers need,
also I’ve travelled a lot so I can understand well.
From my experience I decide to start  this hostel.
Welcome to our place! We are always welcome!

Flat include private room, bathroom.

This is private flat, so you can use entire flat without sharing with others.

[About Hongdae]

Hongdae is known for its young and romantic atmosphere, underground culture and freedom of self-expression. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, jewelry stores, fashion stores, on-site cafes and clubs, art markets and gourmet restaurants are popular meeting places and local attractions for local young people. These unique places, cultural events, street performances and festivals have made Hongdae full of people’s enthusiasm. If you want to fully experience the Hongdae area, you must also visit special streets such as Atelier Street (a private institution for art students preparing for university entrance exams), Picasso Street and Club Street.

[Main tourist attractions in front of Hongik University]
* Hongdae Pedestrian Street: A major attraction in the Hongdae area, with independent band performances and outdoor stages, providing a vibrant culture for young people.

* Hongdae Mural Street: From the Kane Maya Restaurant at the back door of Hongik University to the Mural Street of the Four Seasons (Wanshan 22nd Road), from graffiti to art design. Also known as “Picasso Street”, it is known for dating.